Shades of blue and tan necklace

This necklace has a vintage embroidered
covered button and a rare enamel flower
brooch. You will "be happy"

Enamel flower necklace

The halmark of this fun necklace is the
vintage enamel flower. Hangs just below
collar bone with 3"extender.

Shades of cream headband

This headband has a romantic vintage
feel and will go with everything
$28.00 (includes shipping)


An Old Flower in bloom...

I found this vintage flower in Los Angeles. It's perfectly old and available to go to a good home at Contagious in downtown Mesa. Enjoy!

The shopping Cart....

I found this old metal cart for $2 at a church yard sale. I made a liner with a piece of vintage fabric, used trim and finished off with a chenille tag. Perfect for shopping the flea market (at least if you shop like me!)

The bedroom makeover

Hi All! The bedroom continues its metamorphosis's! I made these new shades for my bedside lamps out of burlap. My newest obsession. I even love the way it smells! Yikes (tmi) Of course my husband thought the old shades were fine. He was so wrong. I also got a new duvet and shams from Le Target'; they are Rachel Ashwell. I stenciled a scroll design in black then added some rosettes on the king shams. I'm going to eventually add some jewels and buttons too!


Just dreamed up!

Fall greetings!
I just discovered the store in the old Domestic Bliss location called Found. Such a great home decor (& etc.) store full of reclaimed objects, new furniture, and great bedding. Thanks to found I'm going to re-do my bedroom. I'm adding lots of vintage inspired linen fabric and a few vintage baubles.  My newest obsession is burlap, linen and cheesecloth type textiles. I was so inspired by Found I made some new designs for my jewelry. These cuffs are just a couple examples. So fun to make new stuff! Also always making lots of my vintage necklaces and hair treats!

T.T.F.N. Karen

Homecoming deal of the century!

I found this adorable vintage dress out thrifting and had to get it even though I have no daughters in school!
It was just too cute and was a whopping $3. I found a darling girl in my neighborhood who had a dress from Anthropologie and later found out 7 other girls had the same one. Luckily this one fit her perfectly. It needed some pizazz so I went to work. (never done this before but why not experiment with a girls senior homecoming dance. Yikes!) I added lots of little scraps of fabric and rosettes along with seed beads and pearls. It turned out so cute. I apologize to Hailie for the grainy picture of her (its a picture of a picture) but have some others to show the transformation. She said everyone loved the dress and it was a big hit. I've bought a few more vintage dresses since then, we'll see what happens!

Happy day, Karen

Been thrifting again!

Hi All! Jenna (my oldest daughter) had a small table in her eating area so off we went hunting for a "new" one. We found this typical oak table, painted the table off white, the side chairs light green and the arm chairs yellow and glazed the whole thing in an antique brown. We ended up finding 3 chairs at one store, end chairs at another and even one at an antique store to make a complete set. This oak was massively produced at one time, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem and it wasn't. The whole set with paint was around $180, that's a table and 6 chairs, and its oh so cute! We even made her a new centerpiece! Good times!


Thrift store find!

I love this "retro tablecloth dress" I got a thrift store for $6.
I added this Anthropolgie belt and made a fun necklace,
hoping those who saw me in it thought it was cool and
not crazy. Oh well, I love it! I'm so into upcycling vintage
clothes (I may be obsessed as you'll see!)

Fall is in th air!

What a summer. So busy and I'm still making lots of jewelry and hair treats. Thought I should include some pics of the store I sell from in Mesa. Also a few of my new creations.

Happy September, Karen


My latest fun obsession is embellishing shoes and flip flops. These are mine. I've made a few to sell but they are pretty labor intensive! I have a few things for sale below and lots in Contagious in downtown Mesa. Happy Day, Karen


"I Dream of the Ocean"
Real sea urchin shell wtih vintage pearl
cluster earring on a cuff bracelet


"I'm A Lucky Mom"
The ball chain hangs just above the chest, hand stamped lucky mom penny.


Moving fun!? This week I'm helping renovate and move my daughter, son-in-law Reagan, and little Rudy  into their first home. Will post some pictures later of some before and afters. We are so happy for them. I finally have a few more items for sale on my blog! These items are also available to purchase from my home.
As always email me for more pictures of any piece. Have a great day!


Hi Vestige friends!
I have some great news. I'm now selling my goodies at Contagious boutique in downtown Mesa across from Milanos. It's a great store with fun clothes, accessories, home decor, and children's items. It's part boutique and clothing store. So fun, you've got to check it out and it's open 6 days a week! I no longer will be open for drop in shopping on Wednesdays, at least for the summer. Still call if you want to stop by I will keep some items here (about 25%  at my house and the rest at Contagious) and some things on my blog for the out-of-town gals! I've had a very busy month (thank You) so I'm pretty low on inventory at home till about the 10th) I've found some wonderful vintage baubles locally as of late and can't wait to turn them into wonderful pieces so stay tuned! Sometimes I wish there were 30 hours in a day! As for hair treats we've found some wonderful fabrics and with summer in full swing my girls have more time and too are busily working. The most exciting news of all is my 2nd grand baby is due to arrive in December from my oldest daughter (the 1st grade teacher). So exciting! Have a great summer and will post some new items SOON!
Happy Day, Karen


A Fun Weekend

I haven't updated my blog in awhile so a quick post. Jenna and I headed to LA for Mother's Day for a shopping bonanza. We had the best time (well I did, I dragged Jenna around most the time but she was a trooper and great help) at a flea market. I found lots of great stuff for my jewelry creations (can I say WOW) and a couple things for myself. This pic is just a few of my great finds. The big piece is a Mexican tree of life and I love it! I'm still open on Wednesday's and I'm trying to make more smaller pieces, great for  teacher gifts and graduation. Speaking of graduation my son-in-law (Jenna's husband) Eric graduated in Accounting from A.S.U. Congrats Eric we are so PROUD of you. So thanks for the continued support and I'm still busy creating new stuff all the time!
Happy Day, Karen


This bright headband is made from felted wool, vintage embroidery trims, old buttons and baubles. The headband is black with clear rhinestones. The size measures 3 x 5. So cute and fun!



April Showers?

Hope everyone had a glorious Easter. Ours was great, our first with Rudy who is now 7 1/2 months old. He got an airplane basket filled with clothes and toys along with a giant bunny and his first stuffed horse! I overheard my daughter tell her sisters you better make sure mom gets your kids this much for Easter (yikes) I'm still working feverishly to create lots of fun stuff, I've purchased some great vintage baubles and I'm making lots of things with color for spring. I really do have lots of new stuff every week. I make at least 20 necklaces and 20 headbands with help from my girls! Remember I'm open for drop in shopping every Wednesday or call for a different time. I know I'll be very busy for Graduation and mothers day. I'm going to make lots of things with inspirational little quotes on them perfect for Moms and grads. Have a great week, Karen 602-793-2310