November First Friday

Hi All,
It's First Friday drop in shopping day this Friday! Stop on in anytime between 9-5. I'll have lots of goodies and only one more shopping drop in day after Nov. 4th. Call for directions or more info.
Happy Day, Karen


First Friday Winner

New goodies!

Grandma and Rudy

Jenna and Bennett
Congrats Rochelle Tingey who won the raffle Friday! She won a cute cake plate. It was a fun sale day and thanks for the support. I've posted a pic of some fun new baubles found at the flea market, soon to be Vestige creations! Also a great picnic at the park with the kids and grandkids, too fun those little people are!
See you next month! Should be busy for the kick off of the Holiday season.
Happy Day, Karen


October First Friday

It's drop in shopping day this Friday the 7th 9-5. Lots of goodies, plus I made a few cake plates with a fun tags. I'll have a treat and drawing for a giveaway. The give away is a surprise! See you then...
Happy day, Karen