Hi Vestige friends!
I have some great news. I'm now selling my goodies at Contagious boutique in downtown Mesa across from Milanos. It's a great store with fun clothes, accessories, home decor, and children's items. It's part boutique and clothing store. So fun, you've got to check it out and it's open 6 days a week! I no longer will be open for drop in shopping on Wednesdays, at least for the summer. Still call if you want to stop by I will keep some items here (about 25%  at my house and the rest at Contagious) and some things on my blog for the out-of-town gals! I've had a very busy month (thank You) so I'm pretty low on inventory at home till about the 10th) I've found some wonderful vintage baubles locally as of late and can't wait to turn them into wonderful pieces so stay tuned! Sometimes I wish there were 30 hours in a day! As for hair treats we've found some wonderful fabrics and with summer in full swing my girls have more time and too are busily working. The most exciting news of all is my 2nd grand baby is due to arrive in December from my oldest daughter (the 1st grade teacher). So exciting! Have a great summer and will post some new items SOON!
Happy Day, Karen

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