A Fun Weekend

I haven't updated my blog in awhile so a quick post. Jenna and I headed to LA for Mother's Day for a shopping bonanza. We had the best time (well I did, I dragged Jenna around most the time but she was a trooper and great help) at a flea market. I found lots of great stuff for my jewelry creations (can I say WOW) and a couple things for myself. This pic is just a few of my great finds. The big piece is a Mexican tree of life and I love it! I'm still open on Wednesday's and I'm trying to make more smaller pieces, great for  teacher gifts and graduation. Speaking of graduation my son-in-law (Jenna's husband) Eric graduated in Accounting from A.S.U. Congrats Eric we are so PROUD of you. So thanks for the continued support and I'm still busy creating new stuff all the time!
Happy Day, Karen

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