April Showers?

Hope everyone had a glorious Easter. Ours was great, our first with Rudy who is now 7 1/2 months old. He got an airplane basket filled with clothes and toys along with a giant bunny and his first stuffed horse! I overheard my daughter tell her sisters you better make sure mom gets your kids this much for Easter (yikes) I'm still working feverishly to create lots of fun stuff, I've purchased some great vintage baubles and I'm making lots of things with color for spring. I really do have lots of new stuff every week. I make at least 20 necklaces and 20 headbands with help from my girls! Remember I'm open for drop in shopping every Wednesday or call for a different time. I know I'll be very busy for Graduation and mothers day. I'm going to make lots of things with inspirational little quotes on them perfect for Moms and grads. Have a great week, Karen 602-793-2310

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