December First Friday

Its time to Christmas shop for family, friends, and you. Drop in shopping December 2nd, 9-5. I've got lots of goodies ready for the sale.

Happy Day, Karen


November First Friday

Hi All,
It's First Friday drop in shopping day this Friday! Stop on in anytime between 9-5. I'll have lots of goodies and only one more shopping drop in day after Nov. 4th. Call for directions or more info.
Happy Day, Karen


First Friday Winner

New goodies!

Grandma and Rudy

Jenna and Bennett
Congrats Rochelle Tingey who won the raffle Friday! She won a cute cake plate. It was a fun sale day and thanks for the support. I've posted a pic of some fun new baubles found at the flea market, soon to be Vestige creations! Also a great picnic at the park with the kids and grandkids, too fun those little people are!
See you next month! Should be busy for the kick off of the Holiday season.
Happy Day, Karen


October First Friday

It's drop in shopping day this Friday the 7th 9-5. Lots of goodies, plus I made a few cake plates with a fun tags. I'll have a treat and drawing for a giveaway. The give away is a surprise! See you then...
Happy day, Karen


It's school time, It's First Friday time, It's party time!

Baby blessing Addie Grandchild #3

La Jolla Bennett and Grandma (grandbaby #2)

Rudy at swim lessons, grandson #1
Hi All! It's also drop-in shopping time this Friday, 9-5. I've got some fun new stuff. I'm stamping with a smaller font {which is making me blind} but it's so cute. Things like CTR, Love is the Key, and Lucky Grandma now fits on a penny! Also I'm making more small necklaces for the more demure crowd. There will also be lots of hair goodies to match the back to school outfits. This months give away raffle at First Friday is #1 a $20 or under stamped necklace of choice, and #2 is a $20 or under hair goodie. Remeber you get one entry for showing up and one for every item purchased! Email me for questions or directions. cwdkrd@cox.net
Happy Day, Karen


Dog days of summer

Hi All
Too hot had to skip town after 4th of July to cool San Diego. If your looking for my creations I have some things in Blossom downtown Mesa, my summer neglected ETSY site, and Embelish up north. I've made a few bridal necklaces as of late and will try to get more pics. So fun to think my designs will be viewed for generations to come! First Friday will be back August and I'm making lots of smaller jewelry pieces and hair goodies for the back to schoolers.

Enjoy your summer! Karen


June's First Friday Giveaway!

It's First Friday drop-in shopping this Friday from 9-5. Here's a picture of this months giveaway. Remember you get an entry for the raffle for showing up and one more for each item purchased. I've got lots of fun summer colors for jewelry and hair goodies. Email if you need more info. or directions. cwdkrd@cox.net
Happy Day, Karen


Babysitting Bliss

Thanks for all the support at my last First Friday sale.  Look for the next one June 3rd! There were lots of fun Mother's Day gifts purchased and hopefully lots of happy mothers. Sorry I haven't been tending to my blog like I should. I've been babysitting my now 5 month old grandson since the week after spring break till schools out. My free time has been spent making goodies and not blogging. Bennett has been such a joy, he never stops smiling and have even figured out a little schedule for him as he's gotten a little older. We go on a fun jog every morning and after morning nap we run an errand to keep him entertained, he loves a busy store. (see pics below) Anyway I'm still creating and have lots for sale in my house. My latest creations are fun fabric flowers made with vintage fabrics, linen, reclaimed silk flowers, and sometimes burlap. Look for more pictures soon. I'm obsessed with the "hippy style" headband, can't really pull it off at 48 but I'm tempted!

Happy day, Karen


May Days

Still working and creating everyday. Getting ready for Fridays sale, May 6th check out the "First Friday" tab. Enjoying watching my grandson Bennett while mom finishes teaching 1st grade. He keeps me young and active. Best little boy ever, so sweet and good natured.


Just a day at the park

Hi All!
Spent a fun day at Freestone park with my 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. Rudy spent as much time eating the duck food as feeding and loved chasing the birds and ducks with no success of a catch. I have more new goods at my home, just call before you stop by! A darling friend of mine wore a necklace she had me made to match her wedding dress. Her pictures are featured on the wedding blog site, Ruffled. Just search Sharisas modern elopement. You'll love the photos! I've had several people contact me wanting similar items, even a sweet girl from France!
Happy Day, Karen

Bennett 8 weeks old, first trip to the park

Made this for our newest granddaughter arrival in may, Happy Velentines baby???