Homecoming deal of the century!

I found this adorable vintage dress out thrifting and had to get it even though I have no daughters in school!
It was just too cute and was a whopping $3. I found a darling girl in my neighborhood who had a dress from Anthropologie and later found out 7 other girls had the same one. Luckily this one fit her perfectly. It needed some pizazz so I went to work. (never done this before but why not experiment with a girls senior homecoming dance. Yikes!) I added lots of little scraps of fabric and rosettes along with seed beads and pearls. It turned out so cute. I apologize to Hailie for the grainy picture of her (its a picture of a picture) but have some others to show the transformation. She said everyone loved the dress and it was a big hit. I've bought a few more vintage dresses since then, we'll see what happens!

Happy day, Karen

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