Bloom Where You're Planted!

Hi All,

I'm still making lots of new goodies. My newest passion is covering buttons with old linens and hankies, I obviously love vintage things. I'm also using lots of big plastic vintage looking flowers which I hand paint and am always on the hunt for enamel vintage flower pins at a good price! I'm still riding my sweet horse and spoiling her way to much by letting her graze in the dessert grass but it will all dry up way too soon. I love this lone little flower growing in the sand and rocks, it really says "bloom where you're planted. (If you ever wonder why I don't post pics of my DARLING grandson Rudy his parents prefer his pictures stay off the internet) Rudy is getting so big, sitting up and loves to sit in the cart and go shopping! (he may have inherited that from me!) Here's a few pics of some new stuff. I've got lots of great jewelry and hair goodies, come check it out for Easter! Still open Wednesdays and call for other times. Thanks, Karen 602-793-2310

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