It's school time, It's First Friday time, It's party time!

Baby blessing Addie Grandchild #3

La Jolla Bennett and Grandma (grandbaby #2)

Rudy at swim lessons, grandson #1
Hi All! It's also drop-in shopping time this Friday, 9-5. I've got some fun new stuff. I'm stamping with a smaller font {which is making me blind} but it's so cute. Things like CTR, Love is the Key, and Lucky Grandma now fits on a penny! Also I'm making more small necklaces for the more demure crowd. There will also be lots of hair goodies to match the back to school outfits. This months give away raffle at First Friday is #1 a $20 or under stamped necklace of choice, and #2 is a $20 or under hair goodie. Remeber you get one entry for showing up and one for every item purchased! Email me for questions or directions. cwdkrd@cox.net
Happy Day, Karen

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