Babysitting Bliss

Thanks for all the support at my last First Friday sale.  Look for the next one June 3rd! There were lots of fun Mother's Day gifts purchased and hopefully lots of happy mothers. Sorry I haven't been tending to my blog like I should. I've been babysitting my now 5 month old grandson since the week after spring break till schools out. My free time has been spent making goodies and not blogging. Bennett has been such a joy, he never stops smiling and have even figured out a little schedule for him as he's gotten a little older. We go on a fun jog every morning and after morning nap we run an errand to keep him entertained, he loves a busy store. (see pics below) Anyway I'm still creating and have lots for sale in my house. My latest creations are fun fabric flowers made with vintage fabrics, linen, reclaimed silk flowers, and sometimes burlap. Look for more pictures soon. I'm obsessed with the "hippy style" headband, can't really pull it off at 48 but I'm tempted!

Happy day, Karen

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